Getting a Facebook Page to 10,000 Fans

A really cool milestone happened last night- one of my Facebook pages passed the 10,000 likes mark.

Facebook pagesThis is the first page of mine to get into five digits. Another completely unrelated page of mine hit 7000 last night.

If you’re curious, neither of the Facebook pages are about me or business, but completely different subjects.

As Facebook pages go, 10,000 fans is not going to win me any trophies, but it’s a big deal to me personally. I know there are pages with millions of fans, and although I haven’t seen any statistics, my guess is that the vast majority of Facebook pages have a few hundred fans or less.

I think the reason for this is that people create a page and don’t know how to get likes, or they work on a page for a bit and when it doesn’t become an instant hit, they lose interest and forget the page.

I’ve done enough of that myself. I’ve been creating Facebook pages off and on for almost two years, but until the past few weeks, I had never gotten one to even 1000 likes.

I’m about to head to Austin, Texas for a long weekend for a really cool event, so I’ll be back after that with more details on how my Facebook pages are doing and how I got them to where they are.

Update: After writing this post, I eventually got many pages to the 10,000 fan mark and several beyond 100,000, just doing the same things I did with the page in this article.

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