Are You Living the Dream?

Are you living the life of your dreams? Do you even know what your dream lifestyle is?

living the dreamDo those questions sound silly to you?

If so, that’s a major mindset issue you really need to change. I know that, because I’ve been there, and not that long ago.

Have you ever been to an event or read a book which asked you to describe your dream life or list what you really want in life, or something along those lines?

If so, did you find it hard to answer?

There’s something seriously wrong with that!

If you’re asked to use your imagination and describe what you really want out of life, why is that so difficult to answer?

Keep in mind, these questions almost always just ask what you want, not how you would get it.

Do You Know What Your Dream Is?

It’s sad, really. A lot of us have dreams as kids, then by the time we get through high school and perhaps college, we have all the dreams sucked right out of us. We’re taught that we will have to spend most of our adult lives working for someone else, doing what they tell us to, living where it’s convenient for them, not where we really want to live, and if we’re lucky, eventually retire some day, then sit around in our old age wondering where all the years went.

Not a pretty picture, is it?

I spent about 15 years trapped in the corporate rat race. I’m not sure I realized at the time how bad it was, but it was no way to live. I would get up too early Monday through Friday, sit in traffic to drive to a job that I didn’t like, hope not to get fired or in major trouble, come home, have dinner, watch a little TV and go to bed. Repeat 5 days a week, year round, eagerly waiting for the weekend or holidays or vacation time to arrive.

Not much of a lifestyle, really. Certainly better than many people in other parts of the world, but nowhere near living the dream. If someone had asked me back then what my dream was, it probably would have been something lame like to get a higher paying job or nicer house, not something that would have truly fulfilled me.

I don’t think I even knew anyone back then who was living their dream.

More and More People Are Living the Dream Right Now

Over the past few years, all that has changed. The Internet has made it much easier for people to live their dream lifestyles, and I’ve gotten to know more and more people who are living their dreams or in the process of creating their dream lives.

Most of these people are young, under 30, some still in their teens. Why aren’t there more people over 40 but not yet retired working on this?

All I can say is that the older you get, the easier it is to get set in your ways. People get more years accumulated in their jobs or careers, and it seems easier to stay on the current path than start something new.

But if you’re 40 or 50, why condemn yourself to another 10-25 years of the rat race, when you could start living your dream within a year or so?

Why wait til some corporation or government agency says you’re old enough to retire, to start living your dreams? My dad worked his whole life, retired after 30 years with one big company, then died 3 years later. A whole 3 years of retirement, most of it spent waiting for my mom to retire. Fortunately her retirement lasted 30 years, but almost all of it without her husband.

Living the Dream Right Now

For the past few years I’ve been meeting many people who have started living their dreams.

Some people’s dreams involve living in specific places, pursuing certain activities, or making specific amounts of money.

One of my best friends loves to surf and was able to move to Costa Rica, live by the ocean, and go surfing every day in one of the world’s best surfing spots. He’s living his dream right now.

Even if you don’t like being in the water, you have to admit that’s pretty cool, right? (He even gave his team the name Living the Dream.)

An interesting thing about some of these dream lifestyles is that they don’t cost a lot of money, sometimes no more than living in a typical apartment in the United States, but they just sound exotic.

I recently met someone who just turned 20 and was able to pursue his dream of moving to Thailand and working very part time, in just a few months starting from scratch.

There are many others I could tell you about, but I’ll save those for another time.

What Is Your Dream?

Drop me a comment in the box below and let me know what your dream lifestyle is. If you’re not sure what is, take some time to really think about that.

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